Discovering Atelier Bingo

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Pushing the boundaries of conventional design to unleash the extraordinary comes naturally to Atelier Bingo – the brainchild of Adèle Favreau and Maxime Prou, two inspiring young graphic designers who have certainly made their presence known in the world of design. 


Why we love their work!

Here at Product Agency, we’re always keen to stay connected with the latest developments in our industry, ensuring we’re always in tune with exciting brands, technologies, and design that stands out from the crowd.
And that’s exactly what we love about Atelier Bingo. Creating designs that command attention, we have always been fascinated by their non-conformist style and approach to design, illustration, typography, colour, pattern, print, and collage.
Their playful nature, imaginative interpretation of everyday life, and desire to step away from the norm is apparent in all of their works, and this approach has always inspired us and provided plenty food for thought. 


What’s their story?

Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau are now incredibly well known, valued and respected in the creative world. After finely tuning their skills and realising that they had a mutual love for experimenting with screen printing and other graphic techniques, to create colourful and abstract works, the pair decided to swap the chaos of Parisian life to build their career in the French countryside. 


Today, they work from their wonderful studio, a rehabilitated factory in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, in the picturesque French countryside. From here, this creative duo exercise their passion for illustration, graphic arts and pattern design to create truly spectacular work.
Specialising in making screen-printed posters, the duo use different artistic techniques, collage, inks, gouache, and pens, as well as various colour combinations to create mesmerising artwork that can be appreciated in many shapes and forms.


Some of our favourite examples of their work include their 2018 – 2022 Moments of daily life and their collaboration with the Parisian brewery Pantin, which saw them create illustrations for the brand’s communications, ephemeral beers, wild beers, posters, and t-shirts. 


Who have they worked with?

This talented duo have worked with an impressive catalogue of clients over the years, including the following names: Gorman, Urban Outfitters, Vogue, Element, Sosh, Pull &  Bear, CNRS, Poketo, Slowdown, Farfetch, Feathr, Ilado and Gur.


For more information about Atelier Bingo or if you would like to explore their works, make sure you check out their website – and be prepared to be blown away by a truly awe inspiring level of creativity!